We communicate with clients at a strategic level the concept of BIM and other design and construction technologies, how it benefits their projects, and how they can engage with the process through proactively exploring and developing best practice.

We provide the right foundations to the project team to implement BIM technology according to specific strategic goals, including training workshops, technical support for BIM enabling software applications, and development of standard content, user guides, BIM libraries and templates.


  • Advance the Strategic Planning for BIM Technology Implementation.
  • Develop and evolve benchmarks for BIM/Design Technology practices, procedures, and metrics to measure the studio progress made on strategic goals.
  • Prepare project specific and general office wide training documentation in software applications and BIM workflows.
  • Engage your studio leadership by on-going support and integration with the work team to provide expertise and execute pilot projects.
  • Our technology strategy does not only consist on Revit implementation but will also include licenses conversion, hardware resources, other digital tools and database integration, and BIM collaboration platforms with external trade partners.