Begin with the end in mind. Connect and integrate BIM models with your facilities management systems. Automate and blend all your business data in an organized manner. Manage operational costs more effectively.

We work to allow data and information to be accessed via links between the Asset Information Model and the organization’s asset management system, to provide the owner and the maintenance team one comprehensive source of approved and validated information for programming and tracking the use, performance, and maintenance of the asset.


  • Conduct the use of BIM in relation to information management for the operational phase of assets (buildings and infrastructures).
  • Transfer data from Project Information Model to the Asset Information Model, including data and geometry describing the asset, the spaces and items associated with it, and supporting information about the asset such as specifications, manufacturers and commissioning data, operation and maintenance manuals, and health and safety information.
  • Structured exchange and integration of Asset Information Model with client’s maintenance software, management systems, spreadsheets and databases.
  • Facilitate with the start-up and implementation of the BIM process during the operational phase with little assistance, guidance and oversight of management.

Image: Rey Juan Carlos Hospital | Rafael de La-Hoz